Revolutionize Your Safety Culture

Embark on the first step towards safety culture discovery with the Safety Culture Conditions Tool Trial Version. The trial version is designed to give a taste of the advanced features of the full Safety Culture Conditions Tool.

Measure more than just perception

The Safety Culture Condition Tool investigates at what level the requirements are present, implemented, and perceived:

  • At the top management level, we look at the presence of safety policies, and what is already documented.
  • At the middle management level, we look at the level of implementation of those policies.
  • Employees are asked to what extent they perceive the above.

How it works

Gain insight through three sets of questions:

Set 1 - Policy & Documentation

Consider whether each statement is documented within your organization, and if you know where to find it. Unsure about documentation or policy? Just answer 'no'. This set is usually answered by top management.

Set 2 - Middle Management Implementation

Dive into the second set tailored for middle management, team leaders and anyone in the know about policy implementation. Decide on your level of agreement with each statement to provide input on the level of implementation of the safety policy.

Set 3 - Perception from operational employees and staff

For the operational & staff heroes and heroines, the third set of questions applies. Share your level of agreement with each statement. The frontline perspective adds a unique layer to the safety tapestry.

Sample results of scoring per aspect of safety culture

Scroll horizontally to see the full chart.

What’s on the next page

This trial is a light version of the full Safety Culture Conditions Tool. For each organizational level (top management, middle management, and the workforce) it will provide two sample questions of each of the six elements.

After the trial questions, results will be shown immediately, based on your input. Bear in mind that for the full assessment, each organizational level will receive its respective assessment (rather than all of the questions).

The aim is to provide a glimpse of the simple but effective full assessment of the safety culture conditions within the organization. Of course, no trial can provide an accurate measure, but it’s an introduction to the tool. The real magic happens when the entire organization provides feedback.

Take the trial now and envision the possibilities.

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